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The DNA Project
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making of an album

The making of an album is a complex process that people usually don’t see. For an artist, releasing just the final song or album is a little bit like telling half the story. So for the next j.viewz album, we opened up the creative process and invited j.viewz fans and visitors to take part in experiencing it with him.

The DNA Project is an interactive experience where you follow along as the songs take form. See the initial inspiration, the failures, and successes, and get a deeper understanding of each track’s origins and components - its musical DNA.

People can explore the DNA of each song, upload their own content to inspire j.viewz, or join the conversations on the site. Users can also download sound bites and use them in their own creations. Since its launch thousands of music fans have visited the site and participated in j.viewz’s process, redefining how we consume and create music in the digital space.