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What is Essential?

Essential is new tech company founded Andy Rubin - the original creator of Android.
Andy wanted to challenge the current state of technology, where devices don’t play well with one another. Where all manufacturers work in closed, divisive ecosystems, and become outdated every year.
Essential’s first products are a phone and a home assistant. Both built to evolve with you.

The challenge Our challenge was to launch a new company in an extremely competitive tech space. How do you stand out from the competitors? And what’s the right strategy for leading 100 people up against the tech giants?

What we did
We interact with products every day, but the people and thoughts behind the products are often hidden.
We wanted to change this with the launch of Essential.

So we created a universe where visitors learn about products as well as the people, thoughts and ideas that go into building these products.
By merging the qualities of a product site with the storytelling aspects of a blog, we created a new type of transparent tech company.

The star of the show is a new phone made of titanium which means it’s harder to break if you drop it.
The phone runs a clean version of Android without preloaded brand content. There’s also an ecosystem of accessories that snap on with magnets, for instance a 360 camera.
We decided to showcase the hero product and its many innovative features through slow-motion drop tests, high-end 3D animations, and 360 degree videos.
The overall vision was to give users a clear idea of the product and its capabilities without having to hold it in their hands.