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Award submissionGoogle Cloud Infrastructure


Google Cloud Platform’s global infrastructure includes 17 regions, 52 zones, and more than 100 points of presence across the globe, working together with the most advanced software management systems to handle inquiries from people and enterprises all over the world.


Create an immersive 3D experience to showcases the sophistication, scale and power of Google’s global infrastructure. Maintaining a good balance between technical accuracy, clarity in the depiction of processes and aesthetics.


With the help of Google Cloud’s engineers, data analysts and Community Managers, we were able to create an authentic representation of how the Google Cloud infrastructure works across 5 levels of scale – from a macro worldwide view to a micro perspective of queries moving between server-clusters, and even down to encrypted particles of a single piece of data.

We also created 3D models of Google’s infrastructure and hardware components, as well as 2D depictions of software elements.

Google Cloud platform targeted an audience of developers, IT decision makers and executives and helped Google engage in conversations with them about how the Google Cloud platform works. It also teaches everyday users about the amazing journey behind every search, document or Google product, beyond our screens.