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Award submissionErika Senft Miller


Artist Erika Senft Miller creates multi-sensory art experiences meant to be explored freely. Combining multiple elements like space, sound, performance, and even time of day, a true Senft Miller experience is an exploration that unfolds in layers. Her digital presence had to be a true Senft Miller experience in itself, drawing in visitors on a global scale to play and explore beyond the visible edges.


The challenge was to create a digital space where visitors could explore what a signature Senft Miller experience feels like while also viewing her past work and getting to know the artist. We set out to create a site that is part archive, part digital performance space, where the act of visiting the website doubles as experiencing a true Senft Miller piece.


We designed an endless space where visitors were free take their own journey of discovery through multiple layers of sound, photography, video and copy. The organic shapes signify portals into Senft Miller’s work and the navigational compass played with the notion of going beyond the edges of the known, allowing each visitor to navigate in their own direction. The element of time is subtly represented by the change in colour palette, depending on your own timezone.


Like the Senft Miller pieces themselves, the website is a unique experience for each visitor with elements changing throughout the course of the day, week and year, always drawing you beyond the edges of the known.

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