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Award submissionLyft - America Is An Idea,
Not A Geography.


Lyft, one of the most widely used ride-sharing apps in the United States, focuses its operations mainly in cities throughout the country. As discussions around immigration demanded worldwide attention, Lyft wanted a place to tell the stories of their drivers, many of whom are immigrants.


The guiding idea from Lyft was that America is an idea, not a geography. We wanted to show that America is made of people and their ideas; that the country was built by people from somewhere else. So after working with a number of American concepts we landed on one of the US’s most recognizable symbols: the flag.

Upon landing on the experience, you will see a number of faces of American immigrants before zooming out to see that these faces make up the flag; make up the very fabric from which America is weaved.

Every click allows you to dig deeper into some of the amazing immigration stories Lyft drivers have to tell. Through the videos, images and text, you can gain a better understanding of the experiences many immigrants go through and each story will give you the opportunity to give back to the drivers’ communities.

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