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Award submissionSteer The Deer


Steer the Deer is a unique Christmas experiment.

Earth has gotten too hot for Santa, so he packed up his bags and he moved to Pluto. But, during his travels there was a hole in his bag, and the presents tumbled out into space.

We ask the user to take Santa’s seat — to take the reins, and steer the deer. The objective is to save as many gifts as you can, as fast as you can.

The twist of the game is that you need to steer the deer with just your hands — no keyboard or mouse.

You steer by holding both your hands up, as if you were grabbing the reins. To turn, tilt both hands either to the left or to the right. If your hands get out of the camera view, the game temporarily pauses.

The game uses a technology called BodyPix to segment out the person from the webcam feed.

It segments the webcam feed into different color codes — left arm, right arm, left hand and right hand.

Using this technology we are able to segment the hands and do real time hand-tracking.

No webcam data leaves the user’s machine, and everything is processed locally.

Users spent an average of 2 minutes and 20 seconds on the site, and enjoyed 3 fast-paced levels of experimentation. And, it made tech-Christmas a bit more lively.

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