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Very few people have ever been to space, until now. Virgin Galactic is the world’s first commercial spaceline that connects the adventurous and the curious to the wonder and awe created by space travel.

To generate excitement for Virgin Galactic’s first flight, we created a website experience that communicates the excitement of space travel and serves as a tool for those interested in exploring space from the ground or sky.

The immersive experience unfolds through one long flow. While scrolling, users experience breathtaking views from space through videos and photos, track the flight path in detailed infographics, hear audio clips from Virgin Galactic Astronauts and Instructors, and learn about the technology that, among many things, provides a safe and smooth re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Virgin Galactic believes space belongs to everyone: the adventurous, the audacious, and the curious. By bringing visitors closer to the people and technology driving space exploration, the site experience drives home an inspiring idea: anyone can become an astronaut, because the future of space travel has arrived.

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